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143, spoice, dope, sweet, wicked
143: I love you from Musiq Soulchild's first album,Aijuswanaseing (I just want to sing) "Left messages on your answering machine About three or four times a day There aren't many more ways in words that I can say So I'll just say numerically from my heart to you - 143." -

spoice: excellent from Sage Kotsenburg American gold medal snowboard winner at Sochi Winter Olympics on Feb 9, 2014.

dope: excellent from Dutch doop "thick dipping sauce," from doopen "to dip" (cf. dip (v.)) semantic change

sweet: excellent from  Old English swete "pleasing to the senses, mind or feelings;

wicked:  very from Boston slang (contronym) see podcast 69 org. Old English "wicca"

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The temple fair (miào huì 庙会) is a kind of social activity in China. Temple Fairs in China originated around 1000AD when people offered sacrifices to the village god, which later gradually evolved into a marketplace for people to exchange products and a place for cultural performance. Temple fairs in China had a unique status in ordinary people’s life. It is the time to worship gods, pray for blessings. It is also a great time to have fun. All the traditional shows went on at  temple fairs: talk shows (xiàng sheng 相声), banner shows (wǔ qí 舞旗), kungfu shows (wǔ shù 武术), and lion shows (wǔ shī 舞狮).

My video is Grand View Park, a replica of the Beijing Daguanyuan garden 大观园 of an imperial family novel  红楼梦   "A Dream of Red Mansions”  by Qing Dynasty writer Cao Xueqin (17l5-l763)

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